Inside the Digital Switchboard of a Social Connector

With the creation of telephone party lines in the late 1800′s, Switchboard operators were the conversation connectors. When a call was received, a light would illuminate to alert the the operator to an incoming caller.  The operator would converse with the caller to determine where they would like to be connected to. How much progress have we really made?  We still enjoy good conversations and sometimes we need someone to [...]

Where has Twitter & Facebook brought us? A Gutenberg moment?

Johannes Gutenberg has been described as an engineer, a scholar, and an entrepreneur.  I believe it was those three driving characteristics that fueled his desire to create something that was unique, brilliant in design and that added value to his community. The revolutionary creation of movable type provided the method by which a mass communication would take place.  Scholars argue that it was the Gutenberg’s press that ushered in the [...]

Shooting holes in the dark trying to find the Social Solution

Recently I was asked to compare a few of the current Twitter client applications on the Social Web.  Of course there are several blog reviews about each of these applications on sites like Social Media Today, Mashable, and others.  The point of my post is to specifically look through the lens of which client application provides the most features related to SocialCRM (Social Customer Relationship Management).  There are five free [...]

Stacking the Social Media Deck to WIN

The first time I was exposed to Texas Hold’em was in the late 90s. I remember watching the movie Rounders with Matt Damon; instantly, I was hooked on both. I enjoy playing Texas Hold’em for entertainment. I have it on my iPod and on my Facebook page. Zynga’s Texas Hold’em is the number one game application on Facebook. Players play with virtual money in casinos from Boston to Barcelona. Zynga [...]

Crossing the Twinish Line!

The completion just beat you to the Twinish line! Twitter isn’t the latest tech trend or online fad.  Twitter has fundamentally changed the way information is distributed.  Real-time information is the core value of Twitter.  Twitter delivers more real-time information than any other web source.  However, there is some question to the factuality of the information.  Rumors that Natalie Portman and Jeff Goldblum had died were false due to Twitter [...]

Facebook Pages Indexed? Yes. Facebook Groups? No.

Today I was asked to write an article for discussing the topic of Facebook pages for Tallahassee small businesses.  The topic centered around Fan Pages vs. Group Pages. In March of 2009, Facebook made a few changes to the structure of their site impacting the differences between Fan Pages and Group Pages.  The core change was how people can suggest or promote their pages.  I hope this post helps [...]

Craigslist Social Media Monitoring Tool - CLDesktop

“Craigslist, the “free classifieds” site that offers community advertising in 570 markets worldwide but charges only for a tiny percentage of its ads, will generate $100 million in revenue in 2009, the AIM Group / Classified Intelligence estimated today. That’s an increase of more than 23 percent from Craigslist’s estimated revenue of $81 million in 2008, making clear that the company continues to grow significantly while many classified advertising publishers [...]

#1 Tallahassee Small Business Leveraging Social Media

Every year the Chamber recognizes small businesses for their outstanding achievements and contributions to the community at its annual Small Business Excellence Awards program.  This year’s winner of the Small Business of the Year 1-4 Employees is Confidential Shredding & Recycling. “Confidential Shredding & Recycling, Inc. is the premier mobile document shredding service which values client’s privacy and time.  Our mobile unit is equipped with a hydraulic lift system, which [...]

David Letterman explains Twitter

You’ve got to love David Letterman, right.  When Letterman speaks people listen.  I think he could easily become a social media mogul.  His insight to the future of social media and technology places him on target with Biz Stone and Bill Gates.  Well maybe NOT, but this little skit from him is hilarious!  Great warm up to the Tallahassee tweetup tonight! Enjoy.

The guy behind the little blue bird

If you haven’t met Biz Stone, you are in for a treat.  He’s a down to earth guy, who happens to be a genius.  Biz is the Co-founder of Twitter and also helped make Xanga, Blogger, Odeo, and Obvious. He has published two books about social media and have a more professional profile on LinkedIn.  Here is a recent interview with Erick Schonfeld of TechCrunch. There is a second part [...]

Branding on the way to the bathroom?

How many people contemplate their comprehensive insurance policy or the diversity of their financial portfolio on the way to the bathroom? Why is the community bulletin board still a viable media channel for advertising? As an advertiser, you are gambling that everyone that visits that establishment will visit the restrooms. Is this cutting edge media placement? Do you really expect someone to grab your card off the cork board on [...]

Keep Twitter Out? Who else?

As I meet with local Tallahassee businesses, I find companies are still trying to figure out what to do with social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, and Myspace. The debate is whether these sites are just a trend or are they new channels of communicating in a modern digital era.  Regardless where a business stands on the social media platform, the answer is that millions of new users are exploring [...]

Practicing Ancient Tradition in Business 2010

This week I was enjoying a cup of coffee when I noticed four people on the other side of the café huddled over their laptops.  One of the four was showing the other how to navigate through various areas on a website.  Just as I was about to leave, I asked the young lady being tutored what she was learning.  She explained that her company, Catch Your Limit Consulting, had [...]

Looking for good tips?

Last week I went out to dinner with a business colleague.  We had a fabulous meal solving all of the economic issues of today.  Our waiter was also top notch providing us with excellent table service.  At the end of the dinner, my colleague picked up the check and the tip.  I wanted to do something a little extra for the above and beyond service we received, but I was [...]

What is your Social Web Strategy?

Watch:”Video: The Five Eras on Social Web TV…“, posted with vodpod Mr. Owyang (black short sleeve shirt) continues his insightful tour painting fascinating pictures of the future of the social media landscape.   I subscribe to his feed at  Mr. John Mccrea (infront of Mr. Spock) is head of Marketing for a small social web company you may have heard of, Plaxo.  You can subscribe to John’s blog here.  These [...]

Twitter and Customer Service - Part 2

If you visit your local newspaper, TV station, or radio station, I think it’s safe to say that you will find someone tuned into a police radio scanner.  Why would these media outlets engage in such an activity?  I think it’s obvious, for starters they are looking for stories.  Why are stories so important?  Because stories are the platform by which they interact with their readers/viewers. I have to believe [...]

Twitter and Customer Service

Based on a true experience: “This past weekend I came back to my rental car to find that I couldn’t turn the ignition key at all. I tried the key while yanking on the steering wheel and the gear shift, but no luck. I was at a loss, and turned to Twitter to see if anyone knew anything about this undocumented feature of the Pontiac G5 (Detroit’s woes are easier [...]

Destroying the Status Quo: Seth Godin

Seth Godin argues the Internet has ended mass marketing and revived a human social unit from the distant past: tribes. Founded on shared ideas and values, tribes give ordinary people the power to lead and make big change. He urges us to do so.Brilliant! If you haven’t bought Seth Godin’s book Tribes, go to Amazon now and get it! Seth Godin – The Tribes We Lead

Win 2 Free Tickets for Star Trek 2009 at AMC 20 in Tallahassee

I think this is going to be an amazing film.  You just can’t go wrong with JJ Abrams.  Not to mention I have a love/hate opinion about the new Mr. Spock, Zachary Quinto (a.k.a. Sylar from Heros). So now for the contest.  It’s a bit of a treasure hunt: In a recent interview with Steven Colbert, JJ plants a secret code in the show, what is it? What role did [...]

Experience as a Brand

Having spent much of my professional life centered in the customer service industry, my experience with a business or service tells me a lot about the future of that business.  This morning I took my oldest to the orthodontist for a visit.  She is on the last leg of treatment for her braces.  The first time I visited the office, I was impressed with the small office set up.  There [...]

Business to Client Conversations: Outlook vs. CRM

With the talks of cutbacks and budget reductions, now more than ever is the time to invest in the people and businesses that have been your loyal clients from the start. Even with the latest edition of Microsoft Outlook, it is very challenging to maintain quality ongoing relationships with your clients on an enterprise level. If you or your sales, service or support staff is tied down to working out [...]

One of my favorite morning emails is the one I get from Seth Godin.  Every day Seth stretches my thoughts about how I think about what kind of business I do and how I approach it.  The main idea from today’s email was this: You can change everything! Here’s my favorite 30 Ways to change everything a la Seth Godin: Publish your best work for free online Close your worst-performing [...]

Brilliant movie!  The story is heartbreaking and inspiring.  I connected with the character Steve Lopez more than I would like to admit.  The bar scene between Mary and Steve hit very close to home! The real life story commentary by CBS – 60 Minutes : How Mr. Ayers and Mr. Lopez Became Friends

Mint, the Derby, and a New Friend

Friday, the last day of the traditional work week, was a day that connected two unlikely dots along a plane of new friendship.  With my Tweetdeck open to All Friends, Tallahassee, Facebook: Friends Status, and Replies, I sat enjoying my favorite frappuccino.  Wrapping up a day of client visits and new business development planning, I was pleasantly interrupted by a complete stranger. Some argue that the use of social media [...]

I just can’t get away from the crazy guy from Wine Library TV!  This guy is uber contagious! If you haven’t heard of Gary Vaynerchuk, stop reading this blog and YouTube him right now!  Notice I didn’t say Google him.  As a passionate entrepreneur who thinks the old rules are ridiculous, Gary is my new super hero! Although I am a huge fan of Google, reading an article about Gary [...]

In difficult economic times, the reaction of many businesses is to panic. Rather than cutting, dropping, and/or eliminating your product lines or services, think about how you can enhance them. Examples of this line of thinking: 1. Enhance your purpose; rethink how you define it 2. Enhance your prospects; rethink where you find them 3. Enhance your public profile; rethink how you think of others 4. Enhance your business alliances; [...]

The Orange Button, Does your business have it?

The rules are changing! Are you still in the game? Experts are saying that within 5 years information will be primarily collected and delivered not randomly searched and selected. What does this mean? With so many websites, blogs, and videos on the information super highway today, one can do exhaustive research on any number of topics. Recently, I was helping my oldest daughter with a book report on Norway. Within [...]

Does your business have a digital face?

I could write an endless blog about this one image because it says so much about what it looks like for a business to have a digital face.  I’ll start by sharing some stats of what it means to have your best business profile on Facebook.  Check out these very interesting facts: Facebook has some very limited stats on their own website, view here, Facebook, often updated 150 million people [...]

Is Social Networking for Business?

SETH GODIN is a bestselling author, entrepreneur and agent of change. Godin is author of ten books that have been bestsellers around the world. His books that have been bestsellers around the world and changed the way people think about marketing, change and work. Permission Marketing was an Top 100 bestseller for a year, a Fortune Best Business Book and it spent four months on the Business Week bestseller [...]

Are you lying? Lying about the fact that despite the conditions of the market, your business will make it using old methods, technologies, or traditions? Maybe your boss is ignoring the need for change and you know it, but you can’t stomach telling her. Maybe your clients or customers are telling you over and over that they aren’t happy, but the cost to retool is too high. When we ignore [...]

The status quo isn’t going to get you there and you know it. Like Mr. Incredible, you know you have something to do but you have resigned yourself to sulking behind the three quarter walls of cubical world and watching the clock tick tock, tick tock. How many meetings do you have to attend where all they talk about is how to have more meetings? How many more ridiculous internal/corporate [...]

(Sasquatch + Big Mac) x Twitter = Marketing Genius

The legend of the Sasquatch dates back to the middle eighteen hundreds. Some historians say that it was the Lummi, a Native American tribe from the Washington State area, who began telling the tales of a large 6 to 10 foot brown hairy beast weighing over 500 pounds with a 24 inch footprint. In the 1920s, J. W. Burns, a Canadian newspaper writer, began a series of articles outlining the [...]

Breadcrumbs to Business Growth

Is your business starving? Are sales down? Are the market conditions threatening to devour your small business whole? Taking a lesson from the Brothers Grimm, many small businesses are turning to the use of digital breadcrumbs to bring their customers in. What are digital bread crumbs? They are made up of small links, pictures, videos, comments, and even Facebook status updates and tweets on Twitter. My youngest daughter reminded me [...]

Tallahassee Digital Media Part 2

What if the Silly Putty story took place today in our digital media age. Think of the resources the scientist would have had at his disposal. He could have made a YouTube video of his findings along the way. If you are skeptical or aren’t sure what YouTube is, here is a snapshot: In November 2006, YouTube, LLC, was bought by Google, Inc. for $1.65 billion. When it comes to [...]

Which way is your business headed?

Researching substitutes for rubber in the early 1940s, James Wright took two very different agents – boric acid and silicone oil and combined them to form a gooey rubber like material. Working for General Electric, Wright was looking for an alternative to products made with rubber. For the first couple of years no useful product was discovered for the inorganic polymer. After sending out samples to scientists all over the [...]

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