Review of Extras found on Unemployed Professors

Every website that offers content and essay writing services offers extras on their site. These extras serve to keep the users on the site and probably even attract more readers to the site. Some extras that a page may offer include incentives such as discounts and vouchers and blogs.

Unemployed Professors, as a professional essay writing website, offers these same services and also offers extras to clients. These are very evident on the very landing page of the site. The page is splashed with colorful cartoon strips and a casual language to appeal to the young college ages students that they target. Some extras offered include;

Unemployed Professors Blog

The unemployed professors hosts a blog where students, critics and reviewers can explore the content. The content is posted by the same writers who do writing for the clients. This assumption is primarily based on the fact that there is no section in the blog where the user can post content on the blog.

If the blog is meant as a preview to the writing ability of the professors in the employ of the site, then it definitely shows. The articles are well written in perfect prose and correct grammar. They also manage to maintain the same casual tone that is consistent all through the website.

The content of the blog is not only helpful but also a bit diverse. It involves information ranging from educative to lifestyle and even life hacks. Overall, the blog is quite a splendid collection of articles that are recommended for anyone who needs a different point of view on all matters college.

Comic strips

Another extra that the site uses to attract more clients is their use of comic strips. These are especially in abundance at the very landing page of the site. They are used for one major purpose – to create a relaxed and casual environment that students can feel free. While the comic strips may also lead some potential clients away due to the unprofessional nature they portray, they help in convincing the client that the writers and management well understand their target market and would therefore do a great job of their essays.


One very vital item that the website Unemployed Professors ensure is anonymity. The website ensures this by requesting only the barest of information from their clients. Moreover, pen names are also accepted. There is an option for the user to add more personal details but this is discouraged. Moreover, even financial transactions from the site to PayPal, the money transfer method that the site uses, is done via a third-party client to ensure that the information gotten is kept at the barest minimum. This is a huge plus for students who would like their assignments done but would still like to remain anonymous.

Discounts and vouchers

Unemployed professors do not offer discounts or vouchers on their services. Even though this sounds as a con on their side, it is a sensible thing. The site runs on an auction bidding system and therefore, the client is most likely to get the lowest price possible for their services, even without discounts and vouchers.


Unemployed Professors has done a commendable job on extras offered to clients and is definitely recommended both for its quality services and for its other features such as anonymity and some entertainment.

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